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Namaste and welcome to your brand new, shiny yoga book! This textbook is the most up-to-date, functional book on yoga, anatomy and motion medicine available. The size allows optimal portability so it can always be with you. Chapters have learning objectives, are marked with soft tabs, and there is a rapid find index inside the back cover (with Sanskrit and English names).


At the end of each chapter is a ‘celebration of learning’ to test your knowledge (self quiz). To help ensure gender equity, ‘his’ & ‘her’ are used interchangeably throughout.


The 🙂 symbol signifies a section containing humour; laughter is optional but recommended.


A solid yoga pose and practice can be related to the building of a home. You want to have an engineered plan and general idea of how the finished structure should appear; and a lot of work goes into good construction. First, build a solid foundation so that your house doesn’t leak or tip over. Next, frame in the walls, roof and windows, making sure to align all the pieces with strength. Lastly, bring elements of expression that make the house a home – paint, decor, plants and love. We build up each yoga pose and practice in a similar manner:


  • Foundation – connecting with strength, awareness and intelligence to the ground and knowledge.
  • Alignment – stacking the joints, using loops, spirals and curves of the body to help find a point of balance (physical, mental, and emotional).
  • Expression – “bring in the poetry” in each pose through the micro-adjustments you can make to find greater comfort, connection and joy within the shape and transitions into and out of each position.


As we encourage you to find these elements within your practice itself, this book has been sculpted around these principles as well. We start by offering up the foundations of yoga—from its historical and philosophical roots to anatomical foundations and applications of yoga and movement in general—to the alignment section that offers you a closer look at individual poses. The expression portion comes from the integration into sequencing at the back of the book, as well as on-going encouragement for you to reflect on the information, question it, and dive deeper. As much as we can give you the information within this book, yoga and movement needs to be felt in the body. That is why we designed your Yoga Book to lie open flat, so that you can hop up and move your body into the shapes and poses offered. There is plenty of room to take your own notes to refine the suggestions offered throughout the book and make this information resonate for you.


For those who are teaching, experience and knowledge are everything, as you are teaching in your body first. For example, if you have never done a handstand in your life, you might not want to dive into teaching it as you cannot speak to it from an authentic place.Try the offerings in this book on for size, make it your own, and then go out and share it with the world!


Our hope is this book will become an invaluable instrument for all the stages of your journey allowing you to invoke prosperity and develop excellence. Namaste!


  • Over 2750 illustrations
  • Written by doctors, therapist and yoga instructors
  • Evidence based anatomy and self quizzes
  • Acro and partner poses
  • Coil binding to lay flat when learning or teaching
  • Simple 2 page format – smaller portable size
  • Sanskrit and English names in rapid find index


The best yoga book you can get!


382 pages

Yoga Book

$59.95 Regular Price
$50.96Sale Price
GST Included
  • 978-1-989392-01-0

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