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  • Accurate ROM assessment to 1 degree
  • Faces & numeric pain scale statistically proven to get a more accurate assessment of patients current pain level
  • Ranges provided for ROM of all body region (save time by not having to look up numbers and give patients instant feedback of the ROM they should have)
  • Metric & Imperial ruler up to 37 cm / 12 inches
  • Pupil gage that can be held over the patients eyes for an accurate reading through clear plastic
  • Pocket sized and portable – effective clinical outcome marker to quantitatively track patient progress over time



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Jamison RN, Gracely RH, Raymond SA, Levine JG, Marino B, Herrmann TJ, Daly M, Fram D & Katz NP (2002) Comparative study of electronic vs. paper VAS ratings: a randomized, crossover trial using healthy volunteers. Pain 99, 341–347.

Pain Scale Goniometer

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